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The Best Metallica Album Of All Time – According To Fans

When trying to determine which album reigns supreme in the Metallica universe, fans generally are divided into to two different camps: old Metallica vs. new Metallica. This subject has been a point of disagreement among fans for many years, and there are typically two very distinct opinions about which era produced the best Metallica album. […]

Top Ten Beatles Songs

The Beatles are arguably, wait, no argument, I think they are, the most important group in pop music history to date. Transforming the very way songs are written recorded and released, most, if not all popular music owes them a nod, and some a heavy debt. Before The Beatles songs were written in offices by […]

Songs About Famous People

It is not at all surprising that there are so many songs about famous people. From the earliest days of civilization, people have looked for ways to pay tribute to people in their lives, particularly to those who are considered cultural heroes. Artists capture their images in paint or clay, and for musicians and song […]

Piano For Toddlers

It is possible to interest toddlers in the piano, but you will have to trim your expectations accordingly. If one thinks of “regular piano” as difficulty level 3, then “preschool piano” is difficulty level 2 (easier) and the toddlers use difficulty level 1. Thus, you should make piano for toddlers as easy and appealing as […]

3 Reasons To Buy A Gibson Guitar

You are almost never making the wrong choice when you decide to buy a Gibson guitar. While they are primarily known for Les Paul guitars, Gibson has built an entire array of quality instruments and has done so for more than 75 years. Their spirit and innovation has been respected by many of the top […]

Learn To Play The Violin

If you have been thinking of learning the violin so that you can relax at home with one of the most beautiful stringed instruments in the world, the first thing that you have to think about is how you will actually get the lessons you will need, so that you can expertly handle the violin. […]

Make Music For Yourself

Most of us are usually impacted by your favourite music. People that develop music with the help of music making making software packages have an even more passionate rapport with music. Music connects all of us in one way or another, however developing and just listening are generally two distinctive factors. When you find yourself […]

Choosing a Beat Maker Program

There are lots of avenues allowing someone to make music and beats online, however specifically I’d like to discuss music making software. You will find major benefits to utilizing online techniques to lay out your preferred beats. Whether you are searching for a techno, hip-hop, or perhaps a rap beat maker, you’ll find all of […]