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How to Stop Smoking – Tips to Succeed

A lot of people want to know how to quit smoking. Advices and techniques can be found everywhere, but it is important to know that quitting is a matter of will. On the other hand, there are thousands of people who quit every day, and you can be one of them. Maybe you are wondering […]

Why Choose Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine used for healing purposes predates human history and is the foundation for modern pharmaceuticals. In ancient times it is believed that community healers discovered the healing effect of many plants by observing the natural habits of sick animals. When animals such as chickens, sheep, butterflies, and chimpanzees as well as many other wild […]

Antibiotics Overuse – Side Effects

Antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed medications in modern medicine. The word antibiotic is composed of two words, anti means ‘against’ and bios means ‘life’. Antibiotics are also called antibacterial, and they are drugs specifically used to treat infections caused by bacteria; it is essential to understand that antibiotics only treat bacterial infections. Antibiotics […]

Tips for Preparing for Flu Season

Autumn is here, and hopefully you are out enjoying yourself in the crisp air and taking part in all of the seasonal festivities. In order to keep having fun all fall and winter long, it is important to remember that this wonderful autumn air also means that flu season is just around the corner. Taking […]

Top Four Weight Loss Methods

If you go through print and digital media you will come across thousands of weight loss methods. Do all these methods work? This is a big question. Obesity is a big problem these days. In developed countries every third person is obese another one third are considered overweight as they have strong tendencies to move […]

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Your Children From Smoking

As a parent, to see your child smoking can make you very sad. If your teenager or your young adult child is thinking about smoking, it is your responsibility to take action. Below are the top 10 ways to prevent your child from smoking: 1. Set an Example Your child will most likely to question […]

What Is the Real Reason I Can’t Quit Smoking?

If you are asking yourself, how can I quit smoking, it is very likely that you have already tried some methods to stop and been unsuccessful. The more popular methods are to just quit cold turkey, to chew nicotine gum or use the nicotine patch and some even try dangerous psychoactive drugs like Chantix which […]

How to Clean Tar Out of Your Lungs

If you’re a smoker or have been in the past, let’s take a journey. Pretend you’re a tiny camera that can look through your skin and bones directly into your chest to see your lungs. What you see would probably disgust you enough to make you swear off cigarettes forever. Healthy lungs are pink and […]

Why Smokers Should Quit Smoking Right Now

Getting people addicted to cigarettes is a very easy task but convincing them to quit smoking may be the hardest and most frustrating task yet. The act of smoking kills half a million Americans every year. The sad part is that their deaths are totally preventable. A person’s life can never be sacrificed to the […]

Other Methods On How To Quit Smoking – Zero Nicotine

There are smokers that are eager to quit smoking quickly. They tend to find ways to do it faster than the usual tips given to them. Well, it is good to know that there are some methods that can help someone to quit smoking. What are these methods? There is the so called hypnotherapy. It […]