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Our Economic Woes and Their Cure

Our greatest economic woe is that not many people around the world are buying our goods like they were before 2008. The reason is that there is large-scale unemployment in most places. This coupled with a large amount of debt, carried by governments, pension funds, and individuals, have left people and governments searching for solutions. […]

Rising Oil Price a Boon for the US Economy

According to the investors, the high-ceilinged oil price has come up with positive news for the U.S. economy. The price rose because of the fact that the private sector added almost 111,000 jobs in October 2011. The Automatic Data Processing reported that the service industries got plenty of benefits. As a result of soaring oil […]

The Effect of Gas Prices on the Economy

The USA consumes 400 million gallons of gasoline every day. This with the burgeoning demand from developing nations such as China for gas, has pushed gas prices to record highs, and having an all-pervasive and on-balance a damaging effect on the US economy. Gas prices in the USA/Canada often vary significantly between gas stations and […]

Jobs, the Economy and Unemployment

The other evening I watched a contemporary film that I’m positive was meant by its writers and producers to be a modern day story depicting five well-to-do company executives who like many of us, become victims of our country’s financial meltdown, or as the news media calls it – the Recession. These unfortunate souls were […]

How to Compete With a Computer in Economic Analysis

It is rather hard to compete with the computer when doing economic analysis. This is because computers are quite good at doing math once they are programmed, and although economics isn’t an exact science, those who study it, do the research, and use the tools certainly see it as such. Meaning they will use these […]

Surviving the Impending Economic Collapse

For the health and wellness of you and your family, you need to be prepared to survive the coming economic collapse. There are many ways to prepare for the end of life as we know it. You will need supplies to sustain your family for days or even a year or more. What will we […]

Dinar and Dirham in Indonesia

The Gold Dinar remained the official Islamic currency until the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1924, when it disappeared for 77 years. Indonesia as a country with highest muslim population in the world must have a big history about Islam economic. And it’s actually right. Islamic currency had ever been exist in Indonesia. Nowadays […]

A Brief Introduction to Takaful

Takaful or Islamic insurance is an Islamic financial instrument, which is getting momentum across the world. Takaful is not an alien or foreign concept to Islamic financial system. It was present in the pre-Islamic society of Arabia in the name of “Aquila”. Also, its traces can be found in the First Charter of Madina and […]

Why Inflation Is Eroding Your Savings

The basic principle behind inflation is that as the money supply increases, so too does the relative price of goods and services. A common sentiment for children to hold is “why can’t we all be millionaires, then there would be no poor people”, or something to that effect. The answer is inflation. In theory we […]

How Economic Factors Affect Consumer Behavior

Are you losing customers and blame online sales? When I visit businesses with slow sales I hear many excuses for why they have so few customers this month. It seems they are willing to blame online sales, the local government policies, or even the local council. Their comments only serve to highlight the fact they […]