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Being Creative In Your Business

Recently, I participated in a discussion on one of my social networking sites that was really interesting. We were discussing creative marketing strategies. During this conversation, I became aware of a marketing strategy being used by a marketer that I found to be just plain silly. This marketer was sending out mail pieces – the […]

Tips on How To Start A Recession Proof Business At Home

With little sign that the current economic downturn is going to improve, more and more ordinary people are striking out alone and starting to run their own businesses from home. Given that the majority of working class people don’t have much disposable income, many of these new ventures are failing due to offering products or […]

What Qualities You Need for Your Home Business to Succeed

Setting up a home business is probably one of the toughest things you will encounter. The preparation alone can take up a lot of your time and money. It’s not very different from what you will have to go through if you wish to set up a business that is not home based, although there […]

The Business Side of Healing

There is something a little different about the business of healing. The main objective of most businesses is to increase their owners’ wealth (hopefully coupled with offering something of value to society). Healing professions also concern themselves with a beautiful bottom line. But individuals who endeavor to alleviate suffering through a form of healing work […]

How to Write a Ranching Business Proposal

Do you run an eco-friendly, humane, free-range animal ranch and want to use that fact to help sell your beef, chicken, or buffalo? Or maybe you’re running a nonprofit international organization and you want to help the poor in other countries start a piggery or raise goats or turkeys. Perhaps you are working in the […]

Passion Converted to Success

“An Important Question to Answer to Yourself” A fundamental question we should all ask ourselves is; ‘What Am I Really Passionate About?’ If you are not happy doing what you are doing now, and you are not building anything of value for yourself while you’re continuing to do it, then serious consideration should be given […]

Top Tips to Make Your Banners Really Stand Out

If you are using printed banners for a tradeshow, stand or other marketing endeavour for your business, then it is crucial that you do everything you can to make them really stand out. After all, making your banners stand out really is the point of using banners in the first place, and if you are […]

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services – Increasing Business Performance Using Professionals

Carpets in hotels, offices and public areas suffer from daily wear, dirt, odours and stains. While this is often noticeable to customers and employees, there needs to be emphasis on understanding that providing a healthy working environment is imperative to running a business in the best possible way. Dust, allergens and bacteria build up in […]

Use Social Media to Promote Your Care Business

Its 2012 and believe it or not, some still refuse to make use of social media to advance their business causes. While some of this hesitation is normal – as technology is never embraced the same by all – one has to wonder if even a small business can survive nowadays without it. Sure the […]

Helpful Referral Strategies For Small Business

If your customer’s loyalty is not first and foremost at your company, that needs to change. Businesses lose profits 70% of the time due mostly to the fact that customers feel that they are being taken for granted. While in the digital age, we tend to rely more heavily on social media, in many instances, […]